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Joe Leo

Chief Executive Officer

Joe Leo currently serves as Etico Wealth Management's Chief Executive Officer leading the firms strategic growth, acquisitions, and recruitment initiatives. Since taking the reigns at Etico Wealth Management, his corporate vision is that the foundation of a successful corporate culture is predicated upon strong authentic relationships with our colleagues, client's and local communities.  Mr. Leo also serves as the CCO of Etico Partners.


Mr. Leo began his career in the financial services industry in 2005 after serving as a Director of student services at Colgate University. Joe joined Etico Wealth Management in 2007, serving as an advisor bringing a unique and refreshing approach to wealth management with individual investors and small businesses. 


Mr. Leo earned a Bachelors of Art from Colgate University, while playing golf as a scholar athlete. In his off-time, Joe enjoys serving on several philanthropic boards and coaching kids athletic teams.

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